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Who we are


3% of all profits are donated to the Animal Welfare Institute, helping to end animal suffering around the world.


Our master goldsmiths work in a state-of-the-art atelier in Europe and we only use conflict-free gems.


We are committed to using recycled metals and ethically-sourced gems in every Common Era piece.

Our Story

Common Era was founded by Torie Tilley in late 2019, with the aim of creating beautiful, unique jewelry that has real history and meaning.

Each piece is designed by Torie in NYC, then crafted in her family's small atelier in Istanbul, which has been making solid 24k gold jewelry for 25 years. This craftsmanship, quality and distinctive style make Common Era who we are.

Our Name

Common Era was named as a nod to both the past and present. It's CE jewelry with BCE heritage. Our pieces reflect this, with pieces inspired by ancient greek mythology playing nicely with delicate, minimalist pieces.

Our Cause

The Animal Welfare Institute is the top-rated animal organization on Charity Watch, with a score of A+. They are focused on reducing animal suffering caused by humans. AWI programs include rescuing pets from violence and abuse, ending the hunting of endangered species, and ending cosmetic animal testing. Each year, we'll donate 3% of our annual profits to the AWI.

Our Metals

Only 24k gold is pure - 18k, 14k and 10k are all alloys, meaning that the gold is mixed with other materials to give it a different color or characteristic. We use 18k gold because it's stronger than 24k, which is notoriously soft and easily damaged.

There are dozens of different combinations that can go into a gold alloy, and the vast majority of them use nickel or cobalt, to which a large percentage of us are allergic. Our 18k alloy is pure gold, iron and iridium, so it's hypoallergenic and strong enough not to bend or scratch too easily.

Both our gold and our 925 sterling silver are 90% recycled.

Our Vermeil

When buying jewelry you usually have two options: solid gold or plated. The price of gold is is high that if we were to manufacture in solid gold, each mythology pendant would cost more than $1,000 just in gold costs, putting them out of reach for many of our customers.

When it comes to plated gold, most companies use a thin layer of gold over a cheap metal such as brass.

For most of our pieces we have chosen a third way: gold vermeil. Gold vermeil is a thick coating of gold (we use 18k) over solid sterling silver, so the entire piece is composed of precious metals only. We believe it's the most luxurious option available at a reasonable price.

Our Sustainability Standards

Most jewelry in the world is manufactured in factories with unethical labor practices and little regard for where or how jewels and gold were mined or sourced. In fact, a large swathe of the jewelry you see on Instagram is simply purchased by Western brands from AliBaba and then drop-shipped to you.

If you’ve ever wondered why your “gold” necklace turns your skin green, or the luster rubbed off your keshi pearl within weeks: that’s why.

We put people and our planet before profit, which is why we employ master goldsmiths in a state-of-the-art workshop in Istanbul and are committed to the sustainable and ethical sourcing of the highest-quality materials. And all our pouches, boxes and other packaging are made right here in the USA.

Accordingly, we operate in compliance with the standards, guidelines and directives issued by the following organizations:

  • - LBMA Responsible Gold/Silver Guidance
  • - DMCC Practical Guidance for Market Participants in the Gold and Precious Metals Industry
  • - OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas and the Supplement on Gold
  • - Responsible Jewelry Council
  • - Gemological Institute of America
  • - International Colored Gemstone Association
  • - American Gem Society
  • - The Kimberley Process